It happens quite often, that areas around houses are filled up with vehicles of the neighbouring residence of nearby office buildings.

If your private territory is constantly overparked, then Ühisteenused is your reliable partner to find a way out of this situation and organize parking on your house territory.

House residents will get digital parking permits, which can be managed by house council online at . Visitors can use either time-limited parking or visitor`s parking card.

Drivers who do not follow the rules, set by house council, will get parking fine.

Ühisteenused organizes parking at different house councils in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva:

  • Luise 4, Tallinn
  • Nõlvaku 11, Tartu
  • Pronksi 5, Tallinn
  • Lastekodu 6, Tartu
  • Liivalaia 21, Tallinn
  • Uus 65, Tartu
  • W. Struve 5, Tartu
  • Vana-Kalamaja 7, Tallinn
  • Väike-Ameerika 9, Tallinn
  • etc.

For more information about parking services, send us e-mail:  parkimine[A]