1. An electronic parking permit purchased from parkimine.ee gives permission to park only the vehicle associated with this parking permit. If the vehicle changes (while using replacement vehicle etc), permit owner must change car number on permit in self-service before parking their car. To change the car number, the buyer must log in to self-service at the time of purchase.
  2. A valid parking permit does not guarantee a parking spot and AS Ühisteenused is not required to allow parking on a same parking spot each time. Permit owner has right to choose an empty parking spot.
  3. If there is a valid parking permit and permit owner cannot find an empty parking spot in a certain parking lot, AS Ühisteenused should be contacted immediately on phone +372 6511530 and if possible, company will offer alternative parking lot nearby for the same day. Parking fee or parking time will not be refunded, if permit owner did not use desired parking lot and did not notify AS Ühisteenused immediately.
  4. In order to complete parking permit purchase process, buyer must press „Back to the merchant“ button after payment. A confirmation letter will be sent to contact e-mail after payment. If confirmation letter has not arrived within few minutes, please check spam folder. If payment is not completed, confirmation letter will not be sent out and parking permit might not be activated in time.
  5. Before payment, customer must check that following information is correct: parking zone, parking period and contact information.
  6. Refund can be requested for a permit, that is not going to be used only if it’s starting date/ time has not passed. A written refund request can be sent to AS Ühisteenused. A service fee of €2 will be deducted from the returned amount.
  7. Electronic permit pruchased from www.parkimine.ee is valid only for A and B category vehicles without a trailer. If there is a larger vehicle, AS Ühisteenused should be contacted regarding parking permits at myyk[A]yhisteenused.ee
  8. With active electronic parking permit vehicle can drive in and out of parking lot unlimited times.
  9. Being logged in from self-service while purhasing a parking permit gives possibility to associate permit with specific person (via social security number) or company (via business register code). Logging in to self-service gives opportunity to do following actions with associated parking permits: review, see validity period and when will permit expire, change car number on permit. In case of company, only board member or authorized person can buy parking permit behalf of company.
  10. In parking lot, driver must follow signs and instructions of the parking lot operator. Parking conditions are visible in the entrance of the parking lot. If parking permit is valid, but driver violates parking rules (for example reduces more parking places etc), AS Ühisteenused has the right to issue a parking fine.
  11. Parking and driving in a parking lot takes place behalf of driver’s responsibility. Parking lot operator is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the stay in a parking lot.
  12. Parking house can be used outside opening hours via pedestrian door, which can be opened with parking ticket. It is also possible to contact AS Ühisteenused customer service via info button.