Numbers necessary for parking:

1902 – SMS to start mobile parking

1903 – call to finish mobile parking

1901 – call to extend parking with previous parking details

Start parking with SMS message

SMS message should contain vehicle plate number and name of parking zone. Then send it to number 1902.

For example, if you want to park vehicle 123ABC to zone KESKLINN, you should write following message: 123ABC KESKLINN

In zones, where there is valid free of paying starting time (except private parkings; see zone’s list), it is possible to insert free of charge parking time, instead of using parking clock (for example: 123ABC KESKLINN15).

Note, that you shouldn’t leave vehicle before you get confirmation of mobile parking on the phone!

Mobile parking is activated according to mobile operator instructions.

By starting parking with an SMS, it is also possible to end parking through the application by clicking on the “END PARKING” button.


Additional info:

For exact mobile parking instruction see Your mobile operator homepage.

NB! Mobile parking service can only be used by a client of Estonian mobile operators (Telia Eesti AS, Tele2 Eesti AS, Elisa Eesti AS).

NB! Vehicle plate number should be written all together (123ABC) and exactly the way it is seen on the vehicle. There should be one space between vehicle number and parking zone. Big and small letters can be used in the message.

NB! Only one active mobile parking can be used from one mobile number at once.

Please do not leave the vehicle, before You get confirmation, that parking is active! In case mobile parking system is out of order, it doesn´t give right to park vehicle free of charge. In that case You should use another opportunities to pay for parking, for example buy parking tickets.

Phone should use “GSM alphabet” to use mobile parking service. Contemporary phones may use “Unicode” in writting messages, which support cyrillic, chinese, arabic and other symbols. Service is not supported with “Unicode” settings.