Ühisteenused organizes traffic management during different public events as well as during road construction works.

We work together with all major road construction companies in Estonia, our traffic management specialists assist constructors to find suitable solution and prepare traffic scheme. We also assist with temporary road signs. 

We help you to organize parking in your event and prepare traffic schemes.


Important things to know:

Proper traffic projects’ preparation time is 3-4 weeks. This time consists of customer meeting, task formatting and preparing traffic scheme. Next step consists of ordering traffic signs and planning traffic personell for event day. In case there is confirmed traffic scheme and customer only neeeds traffic specialists, it`s enough to take contact 2-3 days before.

Ühisteenused references in different traffic management projects:

  • Vabaduse Square reconstruction (traffic);
  • Viljandi road crossing reconstruction (traffic);
  • Saue town and Keila road crossing reconstruction (traffic);
  • Ülemiste crossing traffic;
  • Hiiu Railroad crossing reconstruction (traffic);
  • Sauga road section traffic;
  • Puurmani road section traffic.

To request traffic management to your road construction works, e-mail us on parkimine[A]yhisteenused.ee.