Any company has the opportunity to sell a parking ticket for any city parking lot or for an open parking lot of Ühisteenused AS via the web environment.

In the unique environment of the e-Ticket, companies can offer or sell parking tickets on favorable terms to their customers or employees for quick and convenient parking for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 1 month.

Who is it for? For hotels, restaurants, medical centers, business and cultural institutions, employers and for many other companies.

How to use? The e-Ticket system is extremly simple and convenient. Your client informs your employee about the desire to park, then he is given an electronic parking ticket with the registration numbers of his car. In cooperation of the company with AS Ühisteenused, it is possible to fix a suitable parking payment for the client , and the client can also choose to pay immediately or later, for example with one invoice.

What are the benefits for the company? Thanks to the functionality of the e-Ticket environment, it is very easy for you to monitor both parking-related activities and expenses. Your company can see an overview report in the e-Ticket environment: the number of currently active parking tickets, the total amount or make statistics on the number of parking lots per month. As for billing, it is also made easy and convenient, because the parking manager AS Ühisteenused issues a consolidated invoice to the company about your customers’ parking.


For more information or to sign an e-Ticket contract, write to myyk[A]