Ühisteenused offers different parking management services and solutions for real estate developers.

We advise how to manage different parking situations; we invest into parking management solutions and we operate different parking lots according to the contracts signed with land owners.

We organize parking at supermarkets, gas stations and office buildings. First our work starts with planning and working out parking- and traffic solution for the area. In next step we set up necessary parking equipment and traffic signage.

We use electronic parking management system EPMS, which allows users to create different parking permits online and enables Ühisteenused to provide effective parking control.

We recommend to use the combination of parking machines, mobile parking and electronic parking system at the same time – that is the most convenient way for drivers to pay for a parking and also for parking manager to collect parking fees.

For more information about parking services, e-mail us: parkimine[A]yhisteenused.ee.