Upon failure to pay a parking fee or if the parking time paid for is exceeded, a parking inspector shall make a decision to impose a fine for delay.

A fine for delay shall be paid by the owner of the motor vehicle concerned.
An user of the motor vehicle shall pay the fine for delay if the user uses the motor vehicle on the basis of a contract for use or contract of sale with a reservation on ownership and the information concerning the user responsible for the motor vehicle has been entered in the traffic register.

The rate of fine for delay is 31€ per twenty-four hour period.

Contesting fines for delay

If the owner or user of a motor vehicle finds that his/her rights are violated by the decision on imposition of fine for delay, s/he may file a challenge with the city government, Tallinn Transport Department or an appeal with an administrative court against the decision within 30 days of announcing or delivering the decision.

A challenge shall be submitted pursuant to the Tax Organisation Act.

A challenge shall be filed in writing.


The following shall be set out in a challenge

1)  the name of the administrative authority with which the challenge is filed;
2)  the name, postal address and telecommunications numbers of the person filing the challenge;
3)  the name of the challenged administrative act and the date of issue thereof or the time of the challenged measure;
4) the content of the challenged administrative act or measure;
5) the reasons why the person filing the challenge finds that the administrative act or measure violates the rights of the person;
6) the clearly expressed request of the person filing the challenge;
7) certification by the person filing the challenge that no judgment has entered into force and no court proceedings are being conducted concerning the matter;
8) a list of documents annexed to the challenge.

The relevant documents shall be appended to a challenge. If it is not possible to submit the documents, the location of the documents shall be indicated in the challenge.

A challenge shall be signed by the person filing the challenge or by the representative of such person. The representative of the person filing a challenge shall append his or her authorisation document there unless such document has been submitted before.


Challenge can be presented within 30 days via:

  • Tallinna Transport Department office (Harju tn 13, 4th floor)
  • www.parkimine.ee self-service
  • E-mail parkimine[A]yhisteenused.ee
  • AS Ühisteenused office on aadress Endla 15, Tallinn 10122. Oficce opening times M-F 9AM to 4PM.
  • Ordinary post to Endla 15, Tallinn 10122 (recipiend AS Ühisteenused)

A challenge shall be reviewed within 30 days after the receipt thereof by the tax authority adjudicating the challenge.