Upon failure to pay a parking fee or if the parking time paid for is exceeded, a parking inspector shall make a decision to impose a fine for delay.

The rate of fine for delay is per twenty-four hour period;

  • parking fee is not paid or  – 30 €
  • parking fee is paid on based cheaper zone fee – 15 €
  • paid parking time overdue – 30 €
  • parking with valid parking permit or ticket, without exponating it partially or at all under windscreen – 30 €

If the owner or user of a motor vehicle finds that his/her rights are violated by the decision on imposition of fine for delay, s/he may file a challenge with the city government Raekoja plats 3, Tartu 51003 or an appeal with an administrative court against the decision within 30 days of announcing or delivering the decision.


There are several opportunities to challenge fine for delay.

  • on paper (via ordinary mail or in Tartu City Hall)
  • electronic (digitally signed application only)
  • via e-citizen portal
  • Tartu City Hall information centre (Raekoja 1st floor)

NB! Challenges sent by ordinary e-mail, fax and scanned are not accepted.

Letter of attorney needed to challenge the fine if You are not the owner of vehicle, vehicle was used with rental contract or You are registered vehicle user. Letter of attorney should be written by vehicle owner just to challenge exact parking fine and be signed by hand or digitally.

Fine challenge form:

  • Tartu City Hall (Raekoja Ist floor)
  • City of Tartu homepage www.tartu.ee.

A challenge shall be reviewed within 10 days.