If a member of the Management Board wishes to authorize the right to operate on the website www.parkimine.ee (for the administration of fines, purchase of parking permits) to an employee of the company, the authorization can be formalized in a self-service environment.

An applicant for an authorization must make a corresponding application in the self-service environment (first, the employee must log in to the self-service environment www.parkimine.ee).

On the green line, select “power of attorney” and enter the company reg code and press “add mandate”). Then the person on the company’s B-card must be “confirmed” in the self-service application (to do this, enter the self-service environment and press “Authorizations” on the green line.

From personal sel-service, select the company name and then confirm the authorization). In the future, while in a self-service environment, the employee needs to choose the role of a company representative.