Within the framework of the Tallinn Old Town Days 12.08 – 15.08. Ühisteenused AS once again offers the best parking conditions to visitors.

As the activities take place mostly in the Old Town of Tallinn, it is possible to park the following places at the event with a particularly favorable daily fee:

  • Pärnu mnt 22 parking house
  • Rannamäe tee 5 outdoor parking
Within the framework of the Tallinn Old Town Days on those parking places, the day ticket is 5€.
How to get discount?
In Pärnu mnt 22 parking house just pay in payment machine and the 24h fee is not more than 5€!
Over 5€ you will pay for each started 30 minutes 1,5€.
In Rannamäe tee 5 parking you can pay thrue mobile or you can buy parking permisson on parkimine.ee:
  1. Thrue mobile parking use zone VLP. Send SMS to number 1902->message should contain vehicle plate number and name of parking zone (for example:123ABC VLP). 1903 – call to finish mobile parking. Every started 24h fee is 5€.
  2. www.parkimine.ee ->buy parking permit->Rannamäe tee 5->Select period->Enter plate number->Use promotional code VLP.

    AS Ühisteenused operates car parks, information 6 511 515 or parkimine@yhisteenused.ee